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PHOTOS: The Rich Are Rushing To Build End Of World Bunkers

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bunker under house

A computer generated drawing showing an underground bunker that is secretly built under a family house. If the structure is destroyed by any threat event the family will survive in the bunker buried deep underground. Edit International


bee plaster

The "2012" Bunker: It has an observation tower with a 10,000 square foot bunker hidden underneath it. This latest bunker is designed to withstand whatever catastrophe that may take place. Edit International


Genesis inside1

Inside the Genesis bunker. Wealthy survivors will live in luxury. They will have full kitchen with dining room. Photo Edit International


Genesis bunker 2

Drawing of a completed Genesis bunker. Most accommodation will be below the blast proof roof. Edit International


Genesis inside2

A full communications room will be set up in the bunker, providing full computer and radio for contact to the outside world. Photo Edit International


Genesis inside3

Bunker bedroom will contain a large flat screen TV and a comfortable sofa. Photo Edit International


EMP protected room

This tight locking protected door opens into a room completely sheathed in expensive copper and containing secret devices. It will withstand the 'frying effect' of a feared EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse bomb)which kills of anything operating on electricity. Edit International


2012 bunker being covered

A cover layer of earth is being placed over the '2012' Bunker which is buried on top of a mountain. When the bunker is finished all earth used in the excavation will be place back to show the bunker never existed. Edit International


covering 2012 bunker

No local construction teams are allowed to be hired to work on a Hardened Structure bunker. They are flown in from all over the world and must sign strict non disclosure agreements. Edit International


construction worker

A construction worker stands in the center of an underground bunker's roof which will provide shelter and protection to those who can afford it. Edit International



The time it takes to build the bunker depends on its size and location but very much also on weather. If heavy machines that are always used cannot penetrate the area construction must halt until weather improves. Trouble is most bunkers are built deep in mountains. Edit International


Shelter for 500 people

This bunker built on top of a mountain will hold and protect 500 people. When it's completed and hidden below ground ll that will show is the tiny building on top. Edit International


shelter for 500 people 2

This photo shows the massive size of the soon to be underground secret 500-person bunker. Edit International


Hitlers bunker

The most famous bunker builder of all time was Nazi Germany's Adolph Hitler. Hundreds of thousands come to Berlin each year to go into the bunker in which he committed suicide. Photo by Martin Ferko, Edit International.


Hitlers bunker inside

The Hitler Bunker complex was protected by approximately 13 feet of concrete, and about 30 small rooms were distributed over two levels with exits into the main buildings and an emergency exit into the gardens. The Soviets destroyed much of Hitler's bunker but it's a favorite of tourists. Photo by Martin Ferko, Edit International


Fortified house

This fortified house can withstand hours of machine gun fire. Edit International


Nuclear bunker in Berlin

This nuclear bunker was built in Berlin in the days of the Cold War. It is designed to hold up to 3,500 persons. It had many modern designs but it didn't provide as much comfort as the bunkers built today. Photo by Martin Ferko, Edit International


Washinton D.C. bunker

This bunker is in the Washington, DC area. If you look closely you can see an exit door hidden far away from the bunker itself. Edit International


Ammunition bunker

This huge ammunition bunker is hidden beneath the earth and is one of many built by Hardened Structures for NATO forces. Edit International


NATO fortified hangar

Hardened Structures builds protected hangars for NATO and US fighter planes. This is a dangerous A10 'Wart Hog' tank buster plane just entering a hangar. Edit International


Genesis bunker1

The Genesis '2012' bunker and its modules look more like a submarine than an international space station. It's designed for rapid construction. Edit International


$38,000 Bunker

This is the round blast-proof roof of a $38,000 bunker.It's built far below. It can provide shelter for up to six people and protect them against nuclear, biological and chemical weapons. Edit International


undeground kitchen

A bunker kitchen with bank beds and all the appliances can be seen on this picture. The room is protected from nuclear, biological and chemical attacks.
Photo Edit International


Genesis inside4

Inside the bunker library are shelves holding hundreds of books and movies which will keep survivors occupied. Photo Edit International


door and windows

A small hardened concrete and steel structure provides an entrance and exit to a bunker. The windows are bullet proof. Photo Edit International


Genesis blueprint1

Steps lead down from the surface for survivors to enter and exit the bunker. One side is for eating and entertainment and the other side is for a quiet sleep. Photo Edit International


Genesis blueprint2

Steps lead down from the surface for survivors to enter and exit the bunker. One side is for eating and entertainment and the other side is for a quiet sleep. Photo Edit International



A peek into a doorway. Air ducts can be seen through the side door of a bunker. Photo Edit International

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